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About Patricia Varley, M.H.S.A

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I am a International Speaker, Trainer, Retreat and Workshop Facilitator, Author, Business & Personal Coach who focuses on integrating professional, personal and spiritual growth. I have successfully worked for the past 15 + years with entrepreneurs, business owners, companies and national organizations across industry lines in "Reinventing Success from the Inside Out" by "Reclaiming the Wholeness of People." This approach opens new paths to fresh ideas, clarity of thinking, accessing their full potential and ultimately enduring achievement.

My passion and areas of expertise include Leadership Mastery, Navigating Through Transition, Transformational Change, Work/Life Balance and Marketing, Sales and Networking. My strong leadership, coaching and communication skills in combination with her entrepreneurial spirit helped her develop an international sales and network marketing organization of 1000 distributors. 

My commitment to empowering women is combined with the understanding of personal development and the importance of living and working with passion while contributing your unique purpose to the world.  A frequent radio and television guest , I was honored by the Connecticut Business and Professional Women as "WOMAN of ACHIEVEMENT".  I am one of 3 women who created Life Divas, Inc. an organization featuring programs focused on women supporting women and presented nationally the one act play "LIFE-DIVAS: A WOMAN'S JOURNEY”.

In 2000, I founded and hosted the Naples, FL Chapter of Women of Vision & Action (WOVA) for 5 years. In 2005/2006 I hosted the interview talk-show on Southwest Florida cable TV called “Spiritually Speaking” that focused on integrating spirituality in everday life. 

I have numerous articles published and is a featured author in “POWER TOOLS: Top Executive Coaches Put You On The Fast Track To Success”. I wrote and designed the workbook and manual "BECAUSE YOU MATTER: 10 Heart-Centered Principles For Living The Life You Desire".  I hold a B.A. Degree in Behavioral Science from Rollins College, Florida and a Masters Degree in Organization & Management and Human Services Administration from Antioch, New England.   I am available for keynotes, facilitation and training, half and full day seminars, retreats, executive, individual and group coaching and teleclasses. My warm yet powerful presentations include sharing personal stories and insights to impact audiences of all sizes with my universal message. I can customize my programs and coaching to meet the objectives my clients.

Please contact me directly for more information on my upcoming book, CD series, programs, services and products, affiliations and clients. I invite you to visit my website www.patriciavarley.com, email patricia@patriciavarley.com , national voice mail #1-800-529-0063, or cell #239-248-5800.  

“I am aligning my personality with my soul to support my life's mission.”


Patricia Varley -  Personal Philosophy Statement

”I believe that what makes us authentic, our inherent uniqueness, is likened to a buried treasure that is waiting to be discovered and revealed.  We each have a purpose for being on the planet that cannot be filled by another. The universe is one mind and expresses itself in an infinite number of ways through each individual.  As we tap into and cultivate our inner gifts with awareness and intention, we can uniquely express ourselves in our professional, personal and spiritual lives.  Since we are all connected, there is no need to compete with one another.  There is no lack.  The illusion of competition comes from the belief that we are separate from the universe and one another, that there is not enough to go around.  As we embrace the truth that each one of us has been brought here now to fill a certain need, then competition can be replaced with cooperation and collaboration.  We will share who we are from a consciousness of contribution, not survival.  Our authenticity will be celebrated not feared.Together as one we will heal our inner life, our home life, and our work life that will in turn transform our planet.” 

“I heal myself and the planet, by speaking the message of feminine power, in the ectstatic voice of God’s love.” 

    Patricia guides and supports others in transitioning between mainstream and what is evolving on the planet at this transformative time in history.  She leads people through the processes, tools, techniques and strategies to awaken their integral authenticity. By connecting them more to who they are, they are better prepared to shift and take an evolutionary leaps in all areas of their lives.

    By “Reflecting the Divinity in Others” Patricia inspires “life force living” and gives them a reprieve from everyday life. 

Visit my website www.patriciavarley.com, email patricia@patriciavarley.com , national voice mail #1-800-529-0063, or cell #239-248-5800.