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Pink Ladders – October's Featured Woman


Check out the article Angela Newman wrote about Patricia Varley for Pink Ladders at

From the Founder/CEO:
Each month Pink Ladders features a woman who has climbed her career ladder. The story depicts her career challenges and successes including what she is currently doing in their life. Women featured may be involved in charities, have kids or grandkids, work for a corporation or run their own business. Each of them have something in common with one another as well as many differences making them unique individuals. But one thing I’ve noticed about all of them is their willingness to support one another in their endeavors. They believe in helping each other and promoting one another’s business through networking. It’s such a pleasure for me to get to know these women as I write their personal story. I feel so privledged to be able to share their life with other women (and men) of Pink Ladders. Thank you for allowing me to do this each month. I know your stories inspire and uplift others.

Patricia Varley’s story was featured for October.  Check out the others on

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