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How To Be An Effective Keynote Speaker

In public speaking, it really is hard catching the attention of your listeners. It takes a lot of guts to be comfortably speaking in front of the people. There are lots of ways or technique on how to effectively catch the attention of the public. One of these is called keynote presentation.

The keynote address – also known as the ‘keynote presentation’ – is designed to pass to the audience a hidden message in the speech. It is also made to summarize the most important part of the message or the core message.

Now, the question is, how can an individual be an effective keynoter?

FOOL THE LISTENERS. Sometimes, this won’t work. Listeners are very keen observers. They know whether you are just giving something you are not prepared. They know whether you have researched or prepared thoroughly your topic or not. Always keep in mind that when you are a keynoter, the audience expect highly of you. They do not see you as a simple reporter but an individual standing in front of them, taking out informative words from your mouth. When you are a keynoter, they will surely see you as an individual bursting with significant knowledge.

As a good public speaker, use all the time that is given to you by the audience. If they gave you a limited time, use all that time to deliver your message. If they gave you unlimited time, tell your audience first how many minutes or hours it will take for you to finish your speech. The most important thing is, within that range of time, your are able to send the people your message.

USE INSIDE STORIES. Sometimes in your presentation, you mention someone, or some event. When you do this, make sure that they know nothing of it. Keep them clueless or naive. Through this, they will be interested in you and your presentation in order for them to know. Keep them behind you. In that way, the audience will be fascinated to you and your presentation.

HIT YOUR AUDIENCE WITH A JOKE. If you are naturally funny, you can use your humour as a communication tool. Being humorous is a wonderful tool to communicate to your audience. You could also make a joke out of yourself revealing your vulnerabilities and faulty works. Stories about other people, instead of the audience, will make a more positive learning atmosphere. If you direct a cutting remark to one of your audience, the atmosphere will turn to a fishy aura like there is something wrong, and that will distract your message from coming out. Insulting the listener, even if not intended to, will be defensive and will doubt to what the speaker is saying.

GO OVER THE TIME LIMIT. There is always a contract between you as the speaker and your audience. Their part of the deal is to be attentive. And your part is that you have to deliver the necessary message intended to be delivered. Sometimes, there is a time limit for you to do that. If they give you a time limit, use all the time they gave you to present. If no time limit is give, inform them how many minutes it will take for your presentation to be done. If they get bored or done to your talking, tell them to inform you.

Keep in mind that these are just some tips. You could always formulate a new one to be a creative and successful keynote presenter.

Patricia Varley has been part of a group of female inspirational speakers who helps audiences find hope and transformation. She maintains a website about her services, which includes keynote presentations where you can contact her and get answers to the rest of your questions.

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