Walking on the Leading Edge: My “Edgewalker Journey” 2

During the first 6 months of 2007  I was living in a temporary home with a girlfriend in Naples, Florida. After the fire which destroyed all my possessions, I was able to get out of my annual lease and I was free to move forward onto what was next in my life. I found out the hard way the importance of asking for signs that were CEO (Clear, Easy and Obvious). I was now exercising a daily practice of patience, faith and trust. I asked the Universe, my Higher Self, Infinite Intelligence and the Powers that Be to: “Show me the way!”

I know from life experience and being an “Edgewalker” that I could not figure this out on my own.  Our conscious minds have a limited frame of reference (as much as the ego thought it had it all under control!).  I was waiting for clarity, an answer, a direction. I was feeling both anxious and excited.

Living my life as an “Edgewalker” assisted me on this uncertain journey.  When I first heard the word “Edgewalker” from my dear friend of 20 + years Dr. Judi Neal  I exclaimed, ” This is me!” Judi’s inspiration and intuition connected her to the term that describes her and so many of us on the planet at this time. In Dr. Judi Neal’s book ” Edgewalkers: People and Organizations that Take Risks, Build Bridges and Break New Ground”, Edgewalkers are defined as “People who walk between worlds and have the ability to build bridges between different worlds. They have a strong inner life and are very grounded and effective in the everyday external world. This orientation looks to the future and is focused on openness to possibilities.” Edgewalkers also “Serve Those Who Walk Between Worlds”.

I had no clarity about where or what was next in my life. I had to surrender. By tapping into my “Edgewalker” essence, I patiently watched, waited, allowed as the right timing and opportunities presented themselves. As the observer of my life, I noticed what was naturally coming to me without effort and what was falling away. The main theme was Hawaii. This was curious to me as Hawaii was never on my radar as it is too far away and isolated. I visited on vacation a few times throughout my life yet never felt I would live or move there. However, much to my confusion and resistance at times, everywhere I went I was met with the message of the Hawaiian Islands – books, bumper stickers, TV ads, friends mentioning it, making contacts, etc. In addition, my lifelong wish and desire to swim in the wild with dolphins had been answered.  The synchronicity of a friend introducing me to a woman on the Big Island of Hawaii in Kona who brings people to swim with the dolphins. There were so many signs over a 6 month period that there was no question that Hawaii was calling me.

So, with a leap of faith and excitement I parked my car in a friend’s driveway, packed 2 suitcases, and on June 1, 2007 I left Florida. When I boarded the plane with a one way ticket to the Big Island of Hawaii, little did I know that my life, my very being, would be changed forever. I would never be the same and I never looked back…


*Let the Universe “Fill in the blanks”. 

*Stay open to possibilities and options you never considered.

*We are not in control, however if we surrender and get out of the way we can co-create with the Universe/our Higher Self. 

Walking on the Leading Edge : Facilitating Evolutionary Leaps of Faith #1

My “Edgewalker” Journey

Post by Patricia Varley

I was standing on the moonlit beach in Naples, Florida where I live in January 2007, witnessing a full moon eclipse in my birth sign of Scorpio. Eclipses are powerful at releasing and letting go of what no longer serves us. “Show me a sign!” I yelled to the transformational moon. I felt called to make a change. I was ready yet I felt stuck, unclear, lost, unsure of where, how, when.

As I went to sleep that night, tired and confused, I dreamt that the fire alarm in my rented townhouse was going off.  I was between worlds, not sure if I was awake or dreaming. However I was too tired and chose to “stay asleep” and ignore the alarm. The next morning when I awoke all was well and no alarm had rung in the night.  I went into my day.

My business as a speaker, trainer, workshop and retreat leader, executive, life and business coach often took me away for a day or longer. As fate would have it that day I was giving an all day training in nearby Fort Myers. When arriving back home after dinner I opened the door, turned on the light and noticed black soot covering my entire townhouse and all the possessions in it. I realized there was a fire that started in the kitchen in the ice maker making the smoke toxic and my home unlivable.”Next time can you show me a sign more clearly, easily and obviously (CEO)!”as I yelled to Universe and powers that be. Scorpio is about death and rebirth, the phoenix rising from the ashes. Talk about a literal sign! I got the message. I couldn’t not pay attention and stay asleep anymore to the signs of my life that were not working.

After moving into a friend’s house during the transition I had the unfortunate task of going through my possessions. Since the smoke was toxic I was forced to review all that was toxic in my life and really got clear where I was stuck. Attachment and identification with my possessions, titles, outworn relationships,money, behavior patterns and old beliefs that were no longer serving me were now obvious. Little did I know that 10 years later as I write this blog in January 2017 on Maui, Hawaii my entire life would change. The next days 10 years would be transformational, liberating, a magic carpet ride.  It was the beginning of my “Edgewalker Journey” as I took the leap and began “Walking on the Leading Edge”.


*Pay attention to the signs in your life.

*Be careful what you ask for and how you ask.

*Focus on CEO – Clear, Easy Obvious

Marketing & Networking for Success: A Heart-Centered Approach

Marketing & Networking for Success 

Edgewalker Teleconference Hosted by Patricia Varley

Patricia VarleyThe purpose of these teleconferences is to help keep our growing Edgewalker community together.  We refer to this community as the “Edgewalker Collaborative Network (ECN).”  All you need in order to be a member of ECN is an interest in the idea of Edgewalkers.  There is no cost to belong.

Many of our members have attended Edgewalker cafe’s, workshops, or other programs, but these teleconferences are open to all whether or not you have been involved in any of these programs.  We feel that it is very important to continually provide courage and inspiration to those who walk between worlds and who feel called to be on the leading edge.

Topic:  Marketing & Networking for Success: A Heart-Centered Approach

Patricia Varley – Teleconference Host

Date:  September 19, 2013

Time:  11am – 12pm Central  (for other time zones, please check World Clock

Call-in Number: (209) 647-1600      Code: 996756 #

Playback number: (209) 647-1699

The call is free but long distance charges may apply.

This call is open to anyone who is interested in Edgewalker concepts, and please feel free to forward this announcement to anyone who might be interested.

Marketing & Networking for Success: A Heart-Centered Approach
Teleconference facilitated by Patricia Varley, M.H.S.A.
Certified Edgewalker Coach


Marketing and networking are two powerful ways of using the Edgewalker skill of “Connecting.”  This inspiring and interactive teleconference will explore and teach how a heart-centered approach to marketing, networking, management and business in general starts with knowing, accessing, and utilizing the essence, energy, and inner spirit of who you are – your heart center.


The 5 aspects of marketing: Who, What, Where, When, How/Why are also key in creating professional success and will be reviewed.  Integrating these with your true core self, from your heart-center creates truly successful marketing and networking of yourself and your business.


Consider this: ” In addition to identifying the benefits of your product or service, identify the qualities and inner talents you possess that could take your business to the next level.”


Professional purpose and personal mission starts first with the uniqueness of spirit and internal radiance that we each are able to contribute to our lives and work. The key word is contribute.  This applies to particularly to marketing and sharing your talents, services and abilities as well as relationships as you are networking to expand and collaborate with.
Consider these questions:  “What do I contribute to my customer or client?”
“Am I sharing my heart and essence, my inner gifts and energy, as much as my services or product?”


“How are my professional mission and purpose aligned with my heart and spirit?  How could it benefit me and my network to integrate these more fully?”


Win-win collaborative networking relationships are a key to expanding our influence in the world and also gaining mutual support. This approach will be discussed in more detail, including how our work can be of service, vs. coming from survival mode.


Consider this question:” What are the benefits to collaborative, win-win relationships, and how might I enhance my networking efforts from this approach?”


The 11 key tips for bringing your uniqueness to your work and your life will be shared on the teleconference.


Please join us!!




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